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Banta Game

Banta Game

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Love to banter? THEN BANTA!

This is the ultimate party game, A challenge of brainy banter with a twist. Ever wondered if you could sound like Ozzy Osborne whilst describing a banana to an alien? Or if you could debate which way the toilet roll should go whilst doing a contemporary dance? Get chatty with your chosen subject card and make sure to act out your chosen wild card. Work? Sex? Politics? With 162 cards in total, there's enough subjects for everyone!

The rules are simple. Turn the timer and talk for 3 seconds straight. No stuttering. No stammering. No Repeating. Have you got the gift of the gab?

Perfect to take to parties, and great for birthdays and Christmas, it's the perfect gift for a chatterbox.


EASY TO SET UP AND PLAY! - Simply Pick a BANTA Subject Card From Politics Religion and More Then Add a Wild Card Into The Mix And Talk About Your Subject For 30 Seconds!

SURE TO GET BLOOD BOILING AND LAUGHTER FLOWING! - With a Huge Range Of Topics and Many Hilarious Wild Cards This Adults Party Game Is Sure To Provide a Barrel Of Laughs! Perfect For Any Party or Occasion!

SOUNDS TOO EASY RIGHT? WRONG! - Once The Wild Card Is Added This Game Is Far From Easy! Could You Talk About Politics In The Accent Of Al Capone For 30 Seconds? We'd Like to See You Try!


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