Bluebeards Revenge Bodywash (250ml)

Bluebeards Revenge Bodywash (250ml)



A stimulating and reviving bodywash designed for consumption by Real Men. Warning guys, this product will make you irresistible to potential admirers!

The men of the past, we are told, only used to bathe twice a year – a terrifying prospect, when you think about it!

Had they been able to access The Bluebeards Revenge Bodywash, however, then there is every chance they would have been tempted to chuck in a few more visits to the bath-house!

Carefully formulated by clever guys in white lab coats, and laced with lashings of sexy ingredients, this bodywash cuts through dirt and grime, leaving your skin soft, hydrated and smelling utterly man-tastic! Keep it out of reach of your better half though, or it’ll be gone before you know it!

A little of our bodywash goes an impressively long way – especially true if you use a foamer or flannel. It might seem a bit girly to you, but it’s worth it to save the planet – and your hard-earned cash! This product was not tested on animals – instead, The Bluebeards Revenge gave it to a bunch of properly sweaty blokes to try out, and needless to say, they all survived to tell the tale and were all the cleaner for it, too!

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