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Gas Mask Fund

Gas Mask Fund

£10.50 Regular Price
£7.35Sale Price

Foul farts making you gag? Is the putrid odour lingering? Fine the farters and save up for your very own reek-relieving gas mask (or bog roll) with this hilarious novelty wonderfund jar! Green, with a beautiful wooden lid and stylish white text that reads “Gas Mask Fund – Pay Your Fart Fines Here”, this modern money saver is unique with a distinctive look from other money boxes, and sits perfect in any room of the home. Complete with attractive gift tag attached with a high quality leather strap, this fun and useful fund jar makes the perfect gift for a whiffy friend on their Birthday, or at Christmas as a Secret Santa gift! (WHAT’S THAT SMELL?)


  • Depth : 10.80 cm
  • Height : 11.60 cm
  • Width : 10.80 cm

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