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Glasgow Soap Company Ltd Soothing Nettle Handmade Soap

Glasgow Soap Company Ltd Soothing Nettle Handmade Soap


soothing nettle soap has been designed specifically for sufferers
of dry and irritated skin conditions and as such contains no added
fragrance or colourant.

Nettle leaf powder has long since been attributed with great skin
calming properties and has a reputation for being great for skin
conditions such as eczema, psoriasis or any dry, itchy or sensitive
skin conditions.

Nettle is best known for its anti-inflammatory properties. It helps to
calm and soothe inflammation which makes it the perfect choice of
ingredient for products designed to help with irritation, rashes,
eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis. It also has antibacterial properties
making it effective at helping to kill off bacteria and fungi meaning
it acts as a natural preservative in skincare meaning no chemical
preservatives are required.

Nettle leaf is rich in minerals and vitamins A and C. Vitamin A
promotes normal skin cell turnover so helps with acne, eczema and
psoriasis. Vitamin C is not only an anti aging nutrient which helps
rebuild collagen, but it has a potent antioxidant effect and helps
protect the skin from free radicals which can cause premature aging.

Made from vegetable glycerine which is gentle and moisturising. The soap slices are made in small batches then cut, wrapped and labeled by hand.

These handmade soaps are:

Vegan friendly
Suitable for sensitive skin
Wrapped in biodegradable cellophane
And contain no SLS or parabens


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