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Groomarang Adios Nose Hair Removal Wax Kit

Groomarang Adios Nose Hair Removal Wax Kit


It Really is As Simple As DIP, PUSH, PULL! Say "Adios" to Those Unsightly Nose Hairs.

No More Fighting with The Nose Trimmer. No More Embarrassing Nose Hair Removal Requests to The Barber. No More Expensive Treatments!

The Groomarang 'Adios' Nose Hair Removal Wax Kit Will Safely Leave You with A Clean, Soft and Smooth Nose for Up To 4 Weeks and All from The Comfort of Your Own Home!

Uses Carefully Blended Wax Beads, We Have Perfected the Ideal Formula for Removing Nose Hairs and Leaving Your Nose Feeling Soft and Smooth.

Pulls Nose Hairs from The Root, Leaving Results That Can Last Up To 4 Weeks. Since Hairs Are Pulled from The Root, With Regular Use, Nose Hair Growth Is Slowed Down.

The Double Sided 'Nose Hair Removal Rods' Have Been Specially Designed to Ensure They Only Target the Visible Nose Hairs Around the Edges of The Nostrils, Whilst Not Touching the Cilia (Secondary Nose Hair Higher Up the Nasal Cavity), Which Are Vital for Keeping Out Infections and Diseases and Function as A Vital Defence Mechanism.


1 x 40g Nasal Wax Beads

4 x Wax Cups

4 x Double Sided Nose Hair Removal Pullers

4 x Upper Lip Hair Covers

4 x Wooden Spatulas

4 x Anti Bacterial Alcohol Wipes

1 x User Instructional Manual

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