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La Biosthetique Likopan Gel 15ml

La Biosthetique Likopan Gel 15ml


Anti-blemish gel for blemished skin: Rapidly clarifies and calms inflamed areas of skin.

Kick blemished skin to the curb: Likopan Gel applies an invisible film to the affected area of skin and rapidly targets blemishes. Thanks to the deeply effective formulation, the hydrogel ingredients penetrate the skin even more thoroughly, thus improving the effect. The skin looks noticeably clearer and, after just a few hours, it feels calmer and more relaxed. Inflammation heals faster and blemishes are prevented.

Every day, after cleansing and toning the face, apply the gel to the affected area of skin and allow to dry. Repeat application until the blemishes have disappeared.Tip: The gel can also be applied as preventative care to skin areas that are prone to pimples

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