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La Biosthetique Matt Grip Paste 75ml

La Biosthetique Matt Grip Paste 75ml


Natural casualness in a pot! The creamy paste in a stylish aluminium pot gives your look an effortless undone texture with natural volume and a powdery matte finish. Glycerin supplies the hair with moisture, active charcoal binds sebum and is mattifying, carnauba wax and beeswax shape the hair and give it customisable hold.

Matt Grip Paste is a product that enables you to customise the fixation of your look. Its formula is simple: more paste = more hold. The more product you use, the more light hold is turned into medium hold and a silky matte finish is turned into a matte finish. The hair maintains its voluminous texture and the style remains so flexible that it can be restyled however you like and as often as you like.

Matt Grip Paste leaves your hair with nothing but relaxed definition and is easy to wash out.