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Magrelief Men's Copper Bangle

Magrelief Men's Copper Bangle


Material: Copper (with different finishes_
Magnetic Strength (total): 1800G
Length: approx 160mm (6 1/3 inches)

Fits wrist up to approx 8 inches (20cm) diameter
Gift boxed

How does Magnetic Therapy work?
This is the question most heard. The answer is, no one really knows for sure. Some doctors believe that the magnetic field affects the iron component of blood, haemoglobin, and thereby increasing circulation.

Another theory is that the magnetic field energizes and oxygenates the white corpuscles in the blood stream, and these white corpuscles are natures healing agents. The charged ions increase the blood flow, which provides increased oxygen to the blood. This increased oxygen is the prevalent factor to enhancing your body's natural healing powers, and the results are less pain, decreased inflammation, and the possibility of increased energy levels.

Can Magnetic Therapy be harmful?
According to published clinical studies, the use of magnets has no side effects.

People with pacemakers or other implanted medical devices should not use magnetic therapy.
Magnetic products are not recommended for use during pregnancy.

If in doubt please consult your GP.

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