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Oceanides Sunglasses (Polarized) - Altea

Oceanides Sunglasses (Polarized) - Altea

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Oceanides Eyewear help you protect your eyes from the sun's rays with  their Altea Crystal  ecological sunglasses. The firm was born with a clear purpose, to combine design, fashion and quality with the ecological awareness of consumers. With this philosophy, Oceanides Eyewear join other large companies in the "FASHION" sector that have already begun to become aware of the importance of recycling and reducing the generation of waste and CO2 emissions in their productions.

So, following the philosophy that prompted them to create this project, for the elaboration of these frames they use different types of recycled materials, with the intention of giving a second life to plastic and thus preventing it from ending up at the bottom of the seas and oceans. In this way, with the purchase of one of these frames you are helping to clean the planet of plastic waste.

It is clear that being respectful with the environment is very important to Oceanides but they do not forget that they are manufacturers of sunglasses. And that the purpose of this complement is none other than to protect your eyes from the sun's rays as much as possible. For this, the ecological sunglasses Altea come mounting polarized lenses with UV400 protection and all the necessary certifications to be marketed in any corner of the world as a guarantee of quality.

And... What about its design? Its square, sophisticated and timeless design make the Altea model one of the favorites.

Do you join the ECO movement? Help us to continue recycling, let's keep cleaning up the world of plastic waste together.


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