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Touch Brand TT Rounded Thick Acetate Sunglasses

Touch Brand TT Rounded Thick Acetate Sunglasses

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These bold designer led rounded sunglasses made from acetate are going to get you noticed!

Size Guide * Lens width (caliber) 48mm * Bridge width 24mm * Length of the rod 145mm * Height of lens 44mm * SKU: 1380 Materials * Organic cotton and wood pulp acetate, worked by hand. * Stainless steel core. * Reinforced steel hinges with five teeth. * The type of lens, from sunshine polarized UV400 category 3.

Luis is the designer of TOUCH Brand, a glasses firm that he has been shaping since University -  almost 10 years ago. The brand has evolved at the same pace as Luis matured as a person, defending and manifesting his own values in each stage he lived. This  collection as developed in the new facilities located in the heart of the Alboraya orchard, Valencia. Location also affectionately known as La Terreta. This range marks a new turning point with a line of glasses made with materials and shapes that exude presence, greatly emphasizing the personality of those who wear them. Evolution towards a durable product concept, which can be repaired and restored to extend its useful life indefinitely. And it is the firm itself that assumes this responsibility, thanks to its own workshop of glasses and optical lenses. This is the strongest foundation of TOUCH Brand's sustainability policy, which together with the idea of approaching people, define the manifesto that results in the identity of the brand itself.

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