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Bangin' Barnet Boys!

So, you visit the barber or hairdresser and come out feeling on top form. You walk about confident, chest puffed out and ready for any admiring glances that may come your way.

It might be the weekend so sorted for the few beers – maybe change up the shirt and swap the cons for a pair of brogues – but you are IT!

You wake up the next day smirking thinking what a cracking day it was and the attention you gained . . . and then it hits you – how did they manage to style your hair like that yesterday?

You may have the same look, therefore the same faithful products. But sometimes you just like to shake it up and see if anyone notices.

After a couple of years with a quiff - styling up with pomade

or sea salt spray – I decided to go shorter so I couldn’t just go back to my old ways. This is a big step for me – I am very precious over my ginger locks.

The French crop is what I have now. I think it cuts back a couple of years and helps highlight those areas which do show my age. I have also very straight hair, so this helps add texture and make it look fuller than just a thick mop.

Changing up the products has been fun and some of my toughest critics have commented how nice my hair is looking.

After a wash and condition – a religion to my daily routine as I hate that scratchy feeling – a quick towel dry and I sit at the mirror with a new approach. Oh and some new products as well as some old faithful ones.

Sea salt spray will always be a go to for me for almost any style – even if the effort is meant to look natural and not worked on. I use it on my damp hair and blow dry it in place using a brush or for a textured look just my fingers.

Now to finish off the look I am loving either Bluebeards Revenge Matt Paste or Morgan’s Finishing Fudge. You can walk out knowing its looking and feeling healthy and it washes out without leaving that feeling there is still product in your hair.

Due to living in the North East of Scotland it’s a must for me to freeze the look with some amazing Finishing Lacquer from Lanza.

With my new cut I would advise you guys to try something else. Sadly, many of us will only have the opportunity to use styling products for so long before we can just get away with a wipe across with a chamois. Get the tools you need to feel like you have just paid for a haircut every day – and go for it.

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