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Twinkle those toes in cracking socks!

Introducing Doris & Dude socks to Sirology - have a wee party on your feet!

Inject some colour into your morning routine and start your day right.*

*As part of a balanced outfit. Or a crazy one. It’s entirely up to you.

For a long time Dude’s feet were always happiest in a pair of flip-flops. The one pair of socks he owned would come out only on special occasions. But when Doris gifted Dude a pair of socks made from supersoft bamboo, he was surprised to discover how addictively wearable they were. Dude’s only wish was that they were more fun to look at. The pair had struck on an idea: “Let’s create the ultimate sock that people actually enjoy wearing!” They embarked on developing their own supersoft bamboo socks with colour and design at the core. And the Doris & Dude brand was born.

Doris & Dude believe in three fundamental things:


Our feet go through a lot during the day so

think they should be treated like kings. That’s why they have spent years perfecting our ultimate supersoft sock recipe to help feet feel fantastic all day long.


Tehy enjoy the simple things in life: family, exploring nature, family baking, going on adventures and making their own fun. Life’s too short for plain white socks. Which is why they weave colour and personality (and a little bit of Cornish sunshine) into every pair created.


They are rather fond of our planet. So, not only do do they use sustainable, organic cotton and recycled fibres in our socks, they also package them with recyclability in mind.

Doris & Dude. Doing our bit for feet


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